Getting Started with JobHuntBuddy

First of all, I want to say welcome to JobHuntBuddy! You’ve made the first step in taking control your your job search.

You’ve probably tried a few different systems to stay on top of your job hunt. Maybe you used a spreadsheet to jot down all the relevant details of jobs you’d like to pursue. Or, you’re already using a Kanban board like Trello to give yourself a better overview of steps to take next.

Regardless, there’s been something missing and you’re looking for a better solution. We believe JobHuntBuddy is that missing link.

Where to Start

Think about the different stages your job application can be in. A job lead starts as an opportunity

When you first come across an exciting job posting add it to your Opportunities list. This lets your focus your attention on one aspect of the job hunt at a time, we’re just seeing what’s available at this point.

Once you’ve found a couple opportunities you’d like to pursue start submitting applications. Update the status of your lead (or drag-and-drop it) into the Application Sent column.

Keep seeing the same questions pop up in those lengthy online application questionnaires? Jot down the question & answer in the Notes section to reference later.
We’ve written an article with more useful tips that can help you take effective notes along the way.

Keep an eye on the leads in this status because you may want to reach out to follow-up.

Hopefully, you’ll hear back and can schedule an interview. Keep moving your leads through the Kanban board and you’ll always know what’s happening or what actions to take next.

Create your own statuses

Not enough oversight with the default statuses? No problem. Create or modify them to fit your job hunting style. You can edit your statuses by clicking on the edit button in the sidebar.

You may want to add a Followed Up column to signal you’ve already reached out after submitting your application. It’s all up to you.

A closer look at Leads

We call potential job opportunities Leads. Every lead has it’s own page where you can manage everything related to the job opportunity.

It is up to you how much detail you want to add about a job, but it’s all there to help you be better prepared during the interview.

We’ve touched on the importance of taking notes, but you can also add actionable tasks to each lead. Common tasks that you may need to complete for each opportunity include:

  • Write cover letter
  • Review company website and industry
  • Prepare 3 interview questions

Manage your documents

JobHuntBuddy lets you upload important documents for your job hunt. Wether you have just a single resume, or multiple focusing on different positions, you can upload your document(s) to always have access.

You can link documents to a lead. Often, you’ll need to write a cover letter to submit with your application.

Ready to take control of your job hunt?

Start organizing your search and keep everything at a glance